How To Create A WordPress Website Now?

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Ever Wondered How To Create A WordPress Website?
How to create a WordPress website requires discovering the web building platform called WordPress. WordPress is very simple to use software to build or create websites. It aimed to make it really simple for anyone to create their own websites by taking care of all the programming for you. It has grown in popularity and many people have worked on the open source software known as WordPress to have made a powerful yet simple website maker. WordPress has become very popular because it is so easy to use, it can be developed further adding many features to your website, allows for flexibility to expand or change the view of your website. It has also gained in popularity to business owners because WordPress is very good for SEO which stands for search engine optimisation, which is a term used to explain getting your website to rank highly on major search engines such as Google, more and more commonly people are searching a search engine such as Google or Youtube for answers, information or services. Unfortunately many website users are not aware how easy it is to create your own websites. The process is in fact quite simple and WordPress itself is free. The simple process of How to create A WordPress Website involves,

  • Buying a domain name which is the name of your website.
  • Buying a host which is a server which runs all the time from which your website can be viewed by anyone in the world on the Internet.
  • Installing your website domain as a WordPress website.
  • You then have a back office to your website called the WordPress dashboard which enables you to edit your website including changing the theme (colours and initial look of the website), adding posts and pages and menus and videos and much more.

These steps are showed in a detailed screencast free video available from Additional features can be added to your WordPress website by plug-ins. Plug-ins are an add-ons which can add features to your website. A simple example is to add on an email form or Facebook like button on a page. Every business should have a website. It’s the cheapest form of advertising available and one of the few playing fields that lets you look as big as someone with thousands of dollars of start-up capital. Creating a well-made website isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It can leap you way ahead of your competition and make a valuable sound first impression. Creating your own website will allow you to; (1) Own your OWN domain and website, (2) Brand your website, (3) Customize and update your website as you see fit, (4) Control how you market your website, and (5) Control the Terms of Service. Your website should be the center of your online universe. Create your own website and pursuit your dreams of an online business presence. One of the best things about your website is it can automate your business such as online payments or email distribution of information through optins. A quick tip is to plan your website before you build it. Map out your target market, special features you need, the aim of the website, home page, menu pages and content for each page. Doing research or your market and online keywords can greatly improve your online success and SEO we mentioned earlier. This includes making your website dynamic and interactive, a good website increasingly in this day and age of internet surfing and clicking needs to keep the attention of the visitor and convert them to a desired outcome such as booking in, calling, asking for a quote, opting in, emailing an enquiry or making a social media connection. Websites should be kept as simple as possible but common primary aims of them can be:building a list to add value to your business by online methods such as social media marketing and automate email campaigns through optins on your wordpress website.It can be used in automating your business such as automating payments, generating a lead or quote or addressing a common question by copy writing or video.Giving information or solving problems. Earning affiliate income which is selling someone else’s product and earning a commission. Selling an informational product such as a course, e book or membership site Most importantly building websites on wordpress really is fun and quite addictive once you get started. Once you know how you will find it easy to build other websites, even my 13 year old nephew can build websites and I only showed him once. When I was first shown how to create a wordpress website, I was surprised just how easy it was and that I could establish and have a new business website ranking for a great keyword on page one of Google within two weeks. Amazingly this website is still on google page one and continues to earn me thousands of dollars every year and for this reason knowing how to create a wordpress website has truly changed my life in business. By discovering How To Create A Wodpress Website this can be what you can do with a wordpress website too.

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